The Pelletier Families Association Inc. was founded in 1986 and the instigator of the project was J. Roland Pelletier, land surveyor. its goal was to form an association where all the Pelletiers of America and later those of other continents would join together to better know their ancestors and at the same time, draw up an image of their past. This is what the founder explains in a letter addressed to the Pelletiers whom he knew or whose name he read in the bulletin of the Association of genealogy of Quebec. He wanted to collect all the information and write a historical book on the lives of our ancestors.

The founding meeting took place on November 8, 1986. A word of welcome from the founder suggested the official name of the Association, its purpose, and its headquarters at the Federation of Founding Families. A constitution and regulations were taking shape. the letters patent were signed on November 19, 1986. A coat of arms will represent the official coat of arms of the Pelletier Families.The first general meeting took place on September 13, 1987 in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. There were at that time three hundred and seventy-five (375) registered members of the Association. A permanent committee of twelve people replaced the provisional committee. this committee was elected for three years in the hope that other members would join the administration. We had to limit ourselves to the number of twelve (12) seats of candidates available. However, at the second annual general assembly in Laval, there were sixteen (16) elected members and a seventeenth member appointed by the consent of the assembly. He was the organizing president of the third rally. Legally we therefore exist since September 13, 1987.

Allow us to quote an excerpt from La Pelleterie, vol. 5 no 3, Autumn 1991, page 30: “This gathering of people from all corners of the continent who have only their surname in common ... What a strange phenomenon: in our society where the word“ Family ”is often used. followed by the term "exploded" or "reconstituted", here is a crowd like this finds itself, recognizes itself, qualifies itself as parent or cousin, simply because a name has been transmitted from a distant ancestor! "

As former president Guy-R.Pelletier said in his message to members during the 10th rally in Rimouski: “Ten years ago, when I responded to J. Roland Pelletier's call to attend the founding meeting of our association, I never would have believed that ten years later this association would have taken on such a scale. "

Since the foundation, many presidents have guided the steps of our association: JJ. Roland Pelletier (1986-1994) founding president 1986-1989, André Pelletier 1989-1992, Guy-R. Pelletier 1992-1996, Denis Pelletier 1996-2005, Guy-Yves Pelletier 2005-2007, Denis Pelletier 2007-2011, Raynald Pelletier 2011-2013, Michel Pelletier 2013-2019 and Rémi Pelletier 2019-2023. Diane Peletier is the actual president since 2023. Every year, whether during visits, conferences or other activities, there is always something good in it.

Our goals

The goals of the association

To group and unite in a single association the greatest number of people whose family name is Pelletier and who are direct descendants or by marriage of an ancestor; through meetings, meetings or any event likely to strengthen the links between members. by newsletters or any other publication informing members about the affairs of the association. by disseminating and making known the publications concerning the Pelletier surname.

Also honor the memory of our ancestors with monuments, commemorative plaques etc. Promote cultural and tourist exchanges between the provinces of origin and the descendants. Establish a research and genealogy center. Collect all the documents which are likely to constitute archives which will be the heritage of the association.

Board of directors 2023-2024

Présidente                                         Diane Pelletier (1936)

Vice-Président                                Rémi Pelletier (1987)

Secrétaire                                           Pierrette Pelletier (1158)

Trésorier                                              Aurèle Pelletier (471)

Archiviste et Registraire             Lise Pelletier (1352)


Jacques Pelletier (1440)

Pierre Pelletier (1310)

Daniel Girouard (2108)

Sylvie Tremblay (2066)


1 poste vacant


Comité organisateur 2024


Devise  : Stella Ducet (conduit par l'étoile)

Description  : D'azur au chevron d'or, accompagné de trois pommes de pin du même et surmonté d'une étoile d'argent au chef du blason.

Couleur  :

L'azur (bleu) représente la loyauté et la splendeur.

L'or dénote la générosité, la valeur ou la persévérance.

L'argent symbolise la sérénité et la noblesse.

Signification  :

Le chevron indique que le porteur a accompli un fait d'armes remarquable.

Les pommes de pin désignent le lieu d'origine du héros: la Bretagne.

On peut se procurer des articles divers portant les armoiries des Pelletier en utilisant le formulaire de commande.

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